Using Amazon Subscribe and Save for Dog Food

This is Emery and Pedro.  They are our boxer babes who we adore and bring us so much joy.  Unfortunately, they require food.  I am terrible at feeding anything.  Ask my husband-- this is definitely an area of growth for me.

2016-07-07 22.19.56.jpg

 The dogs would eat the last of the food, and I wouldn't realize until 10 pm and then we would race to the grocery store before it closed for the night.  My coworker mentioned that their dog's food is delivered monthly via Amazon, and I was thrilled.  Finally, a solution to this silly problem that continued to plague me.

My aunt asked me how to set this up for her 4 dogs, and I told her I would find instructions online and send them over.  I couldn't find step by step instructions, so I have written them myself for your inconvenience.

1. Go here.  This is the search function within Amazon's recurring delivery feature. You can use this feature for paper towels, toilet paper, batteries, and any other item that you find yourself inconveniently running out of.

2. Search dog food.  Amazon may not have what dog food you usually purchase; however, we are super happy with the dog food that we use.  We use Purina Pro Plan.  

3. Scroll down a bit and you will see a huge selection of dog food options.  You are looking for dog food that has 'subscribe and save' linked next to the price.  If you are thinking that these prices are quite high, consider the weight of the bag.  We pay more, but we get more.  You can also select a smaller sized bag when you click on the dog food and go to the details page of the item.

4. On the details page, you can adjust the quantity as well as when the item is delivered.  We have two 25 pound bags delivered to our home once a week.  

5. Our dogs will not have finished this by the time the next delivery comes, so every 3-4 months, we skip a delivery. When you check out, you can decide the exact day in which your dog food will be delivered each month.

This has saved us numerous last minute grocery store runs, and it is one last thing to have to think about.  When you subscribe to save, you also save 5% off the purchase of the item.  To earn 15%, you need to subscribe to 5 items or more.  We have not tried to subscribe to anything else, but after running out of toilet paper AND deodorant last week, that seems like a sign to get on that! 

And here they are (when Pedro was so tiny) enjoying their food!

Weekend Update No. 1

Taylor and I pretty much make plans to tackle a small project each weekend.  One small project equals no less than 17 trips to Home Depot.


A couple of weekends ago, Taylor and I put up lights.  Well, Taylor put up lights while I kind of held them and followed him around holding his ladder.  It is a high impact project!  You put those lights up and suddenly your backyard feels like Disney World.  We followed the directions from here.  Basically, we bought a large pot that we filled with Quickcrete and placed a 4x4 inside and held it until it dried.  Since we didn't have a tree close enough, we used stick-in-pot to act as a tree.  We used these lights in case you were wondering.     

2017-03-07 18.41.09.jpg


Another small project we completed two weeks ago was decking out an Ikea Tarva dresser.  The dresser is no longer sold online, but I managed to find one last time I was at Ikea.  We cut the legs similar to how Sarah did it for her son's changing table.  I used knobs from here and painted the dresser Hidden Falls by Benjamin Moore.  I can't wait until there is no longer ugly carpet in the picture!  Here is the before:

Completing the Hallway

Last weekend, I took a day off work, and I spent that day scraping popcorn ceilings, painting, and searching Craigslist.  Since we are trying to keep our house as livable as possible, we are only doing one space at a time, so we completed only the hallway. Then Taylor put in floors and baseboards.  I don't have a great before picture, but here is the after.

2017-03-07 18.41.02.jpg

I'm thinking about this light fixture.

New Chairs

Lastly, look at these amazing chairs I found!  We purchased two from a lovely lady who inherited them from her grandmother.  They swivel (cool) and remind me of mermaids (weird).  Looking around our home, I would say a majority of our furniture was built by a Brack (ok. Taylor) or found on Craigslist.

Spring Break is next week; I might take the week off, but I am sure I will be inspired to do something.  What small projects are you completing this weekend?



Hello, New (but actually old) House!

Welcome to our 1970s ranch!  We have moved from our track home neighborhood to a neighborhood FULL of trees, people who walk their dogs, beautifully maintained yards, and general jolly-ment that I am so grateful to be a part of.

Photographing this house has proven challenging.  It is much darker than our last home, and it is still rocking brown sagging carpet, brown paneling, brown cabinets, brown counters, BROWN, BROWN, BROWN.  However, it has a 4th bedroom (meaning we will never outgrow the house), a fireplace, over 20 trees (!), and some vaulted ceilings. Our dogs spend 50% of their time squirrel hunting in the backyard which has been my new favorite hobby-- watching them do this.

When you walk in, there is a large dining room on your left and the living room is straight ahead.  The dining room is where we keep our bar stuff and our record player; it is also where we do most of our dancing

.Through the dining room, we enter the kitchen.  Our kitchen has lots of natural light and the sink looks out to the backyard.  There is lots of work to be done in here, but it is functioning just fine for now.

On the opposing side of the kitchen is our living room.  Our living room has beautiful builts in and a huge fireplace.  It is open to both the dining room and the kitchen.  It is pretty dark in there, but I can't tell if that is due to lack of windows or it is the brown paneling and heavy stone.  TBD.

The downside of 20+ trees is the raking.  We have spent the last three weekends trying to get our yard ready for Spring.  And that means just trying to get all the dead leaves bagged and thrown away.  We have used over 40 bags and still have the front yard to go.  We put up string lights last weekend, so we are spending our evenings outside watching the dogs play.

Also, is backyard one word or two?  Two for now.

On the other side of the house are all of the bedrooms.  Look at that green vanity! We have short term plans to update our bedroom (scrape popcorn/new floors/paint), but long term plans to gut the whole vanity/bathroom/closet space.  The master bedroom is huge and the 3 other bedrooms are decent size too.

The two rooms in the front have actually gotten makeovers.  We had some friends moving in for a couple of months, so we booked it to get their rooms prepared.  We scraped the popcorn ceilings, painted the walls/ceilings/doors, ripped out the carpet, patched 1000 holes, and put new floors down.  We can't wait to do this to the rest of the house!  It is not a small feat by any means, but we are taking our time with our home.

That is it for now.  Not pictured: our laundry room-- huge mess, our creepy old shed in the backyard, and guest bathroom.

To Do List for 2017

  • Scrape 1700 square feet of popcorn ceilings
  • Replace carpet with laminate floors
  • Replace baseboards
  • Paint paneling in living room
  • Make the master bedroom not suck