Coffee Table Shopping

In our last home, we had two little multi-sided figures (I tried to find the math name but gave up) to place our coffee and remotes on.  They were cute, easy to move, and kid friendly. However, they have gone to live in other parts of our home, and so we are in the need of something new.

Right now, we are using a coffee table borrowed from our housemates. Using it for the last couple of months has made us realize how functional it is to have a large surface in front of your sofa.  Here is what we are curently working with.

Try to imagine the room with pretty greyish wood floor and paneling painted a lighter color.  Clearly, we have lots to do, but since it is a rainy day, and The O.C. is on Hulu, I thought compiling all of my favorite coffee tables here is as productive is as I am going to get. Plus, it helps to have them all in one place for when I show Taylor.

Here is what I was looking for in my browsing.

  • At least 4 feet long to fit the length of the sofa
  • Multiple tones or at least multiple finishes. The reason for this is because I love wood, but we have a leather sofa, so that's a lot of brown.  So I need some wood and some metal or marble.  No glass please!
  • Clean lines
  • I like all of my pieces to be stars, but nothing too flashy.
  • Also, cheap but well made

Here are my top picks:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

5 | 6 | 7

What do you all think? Drawers or no drawers?   I think that storage is ideal, but then I can just see a bunch of junk piling up in there.  However, at least said junk is hidden.  I think my favorites are 4, 5, and 7.  5 is on super sale, but there are no reviews, so I have my concerns.

One of the other options for a coffee table is this bench from Overstock.  House Tweaking inspired me using this bench as a coffee table in their living room.

I would like to put together a mood board for the living room soon, and a coffee table and a rug are the only pieces that will be new to the space.  I made a decision last week, but I am curious for your thoughts.  Which one would you pick?

Using Amazon Subscribe and Save for Dog Food

This is Emery and Pedro.  They are our boxer babes who we adore and bring us so much joy.  Unfortunately, they require food.  I am terrible at feeding anything.  Ask my husband-- this is definitely an area of growth for me.

2016-07-07 22.19.56.jpg

 The dogs would eat the last of the food, and I wouldn't realize until 10 pm and then we would race to the grocery store before it closed for the night.  My coworker mentioned that their dog's food is delivered monthly via Amazon, and I was thrilled.  Finally, a solution to this silly problem that continued to plague me.

My aunt asked me how to set this up for her 4 dogs, and I told her I would find instructions online and send them over.  I couldn't find step by step instructions, so I have written them myself for your inconvenience.

1. Go here.  This is the search function within Amazon's recurring delivery feature. You can use this feature for paper towels, toilet paper, batteries, and any other item that you find yourself inconveniently running out of.

2. Search dog food.  Amazon may not have what dog food you usually purchase; however, we are super happy with the dog food that we use.  We use Purina Pro Plan.  

3. Scroll down a bit and you will see a huge selection of dog food options.  You are looking for dog food that has 'subscribe and save' linked next to the price.  If you are thinking that these prices are quite high, consider the weight of the bag.  We pay more, but we get more.  You can also select a smaller sized bag when you click on the dog food and go to the details page of the item.

4. On the details page, you can adjust the quantity as well as when the item is delivered.  We have two 25 pound bags delivered to our home once a week.  

5. Our dogs will not have finished this by the time the next delivery comes, so every 3-4 months, we skip a delivery. When you check out, you can decide the exact day in which your dog food will be delivered each month.

This has saved us numerous last minute grocery store runs, and it is one last thing to have to think about.  When you subscribe to save, you also save 5% off the purchase of the item.  To earn 15%, you need to subscribe to 5 items or more.  We have not tried to subscribe to anything else, but after running out of toilet paper AND deodorant last week, that seems like a sign to get on that! 

And here they are (when Pedro was so tiny) enjoying their food!

Roundup: DIY Leather Projects

Taylor and my third anniversary is June 8th.  Leave it up to Taylor and myself to come up with a way to make our anniversary into a glorified craft project.  The present for year 3 is supposed to be leather, which gave us an excuse to start a project that we saw on A Beautiful Mess a couple of weeks ago.    

We already had the hairpin legs from a project fail about a year ago, so we only needed to purchase the leather.  Hello, leather is not cheap!  But hey, it is our anniversary!  We followed the directions almost exactly, but added corner pieces so there would be less wood sneaking its way through.

Anyway, now we have all of this leftover leather. Yasss!  This now gives me permission to create tons of little crafts involving my favorite material of all time.  Here are some of my faves.

Keychains by A Beautiful Mess

Hanging Planters by Vintage Revivals



Leather Pulls by House Tweaking

Leather Blanket Ladder

Leather Mail Catch All by Design Sponge

I am actually going to get started on this letter catch all after I post.  If there is one thing I need, it is a place to put mail that isn't the kitchen counter or dining room table.  Which ones are your favorite?