Weekend Update No. 1

Taylor and I pretty much make plans to tackle a small project each weekend.  One small project equals no less than 17 trips to Home Depot.


A couple of weekends ago, Taylor and I put up lights.  Well, Taylor put up lights while I kind of held them and followed him around holding his ladder.  It is a high impact project!  You put those lights up and suddenly your backyard feels like Disney World.  We followed the directions from here.  Basically, we bought a large pot that we filled with Quickcrete and placed a 4x4 inside and held it until it dried.  Since we didn't have a tree close enough, we used stick-in-pot to act as a tree.  We used these lights in case you were wondering.     

2017-03-07 18.41.09.jpg


Another small project we completed two weeks ago was decking out an Ikea Tarva dresser.  The dresser is no longer sold online, but I managed to find one last time I was at Ikea.  We cut the legs similar to how Sarah did it for her son's changing table.  I used knobs from here and painted the dresser Hidden Falls by Benjamin Moore.  I can't wait until there is no longer ugly carpet in the picture!  Here is the before:

Completing the Hallway

Last weekend, I took a day off work, and I spent that day scraping popcorn ceilings, painting, and searching Craigslist.  Since we are trying to keep our house as livable as possible, we are only doing one space at a time, so we completed only the hallway. Then Taylor put in floors and baseboards.  I don't have a great before picture, but here is the after.

2017-03-07 18.41.02.jpg

I'm thinking about this light fixture.

New Chairs

Lastly, look at these amazing chairs I found!  We purchased two from a lovely lady who inherited them from her grandmother.  They swivel (cool) and remind me of mermaids (weird).  Looking around our home, I would say a majority of our furniture was built by a Brack (ok. Taylor) or found on Craigslist.

Spring Break is next week; I might take the week off, but I am sure I will be inspired to do something.  What small projects are you completing this weekend?