House Update: Bathroom Vanity with Marble Contact Paper

We are completing small projects over here until we do our big overhaul this summer.  A couple of weekends ago, I decided that the biggest impact In our master bedroom (besides the floor, walls, and ceiling) would be to update our very dated vanity.

Don't get me wrong, I do love its funkiness.  The light fixtures are my favorite, and I hope that we can salvage them when we do a complete bathroom overhaul, but the green had to go.  And the white paint and hardware had seen better days.  Here is the before.

Look how green it is!  We opted to use contact paper like Jess did In her kitchen.  We figured that since the vanity is not exposed to water and since it is temporary,  contact paper seemed like the perfect solution.

First, I removed the caulk, so that I could get the contact paper to fold around the edges.  Then I realized that it was an impossible task to fit in the crack with the sticky side exposed, so I just did my best.  I will cover it with caulk later.

I unrolled and tried to keep everything straight while Taylor used a credit card to express any of the bubbles.

We went as slow as possible, but we still struggled to remove all bubbles.  I didn't take any photos of the second piece we needed to cover the side closest to the mirror because it was quite a disaster to do, but it worked anyway.  Not perfect but much better.

It's pretty amazing how much this looks like real marble.  I removed the hardware, filled the holes with wood filler, sanded, and painted the cabinets. Woohoo!  So much better!

Here is our before and after.  Next up: carpet, walls, and ceiling. NBD.

Untitled design.png