Bathroom: Mini Update Plans

We have lived in our home for about a year and a half.  We did most of our renovations last summer.  We spent the fall preparing Briar's nursery, and we spent the spring with Briar.  Now I am ready to update a new space, but the project has to be small because I have my hands full with baby girl.  

Our guest bathroom is fine. It has been remodeled at some point in its lifetime, and everything is holding up really well.  It isn't anything I would have chosen, but it all works.  The wallpaper is peeling and is a bit drab.  When I saw that Target included removable wallpaper as part of their new Opal House Collection, I decided it was time for a quick update.  Here is the before.

2018-06-15 12.31.34.jpg
2018-06-15 12.31.37.jpg
2018-06-15 12.31.54.jpg

Here is my inspiration board.

Bathroom Redo.jpg

Here is the to do breakdown:

1. Paint the vanity

2. Cover existing wallpaper with new wallpaper

3. Replace mirror (this will stay when we do our final remodel)

4. Spray paint the light fixtures

5. Replace towel bar with Ikea hooks

6. Replace shower curtain with extra long curtain

7. Replace hardware on the linen cupboards

8. Replace outlet, light switch, and hand towel rack

I decided to not bother scraping the popcorn ceiling.  It is such a mess, and I would have to repaint and then it is just a whole thing.  I will save that project for when we redo the bathroom way down the road.  I hope to get this done in the course of a week or so of nap times.  Wish me luck!