February Goals + January Goal Update

February Goals 1 thegreatgoodness.com

February is going to fly by considering we are more than a fourth of the way through.  Before I share February Goals, I want to give you an update on how I did in January.

1. Read Two Books - I only read one. I had plans to read the third book in the Red Rising series, Morning Star, but the release date was later than I thought.  This trilogy is so good!  February 9th could not come sooner.

2. Take the Pups on Walks At Least 3 times Per Week - This happened.  I have proof. Can we also talk about how challenging it is to walk TWO dogs?!

February Goals 2 thegreatgoodness.com

3. Try Two New Recipes - I tried this Kale/Lemon/Chicken casserole recipe.  It wasn't my favorite- too lemony.  I also bought the ingredients for this soup recipe.  I haven't made it yet, (because we had several 80 degree days) so I did not accomplish this goal.  I did however discover a new favorite drink, coconut water with a lemon squeezed in.  I drank SO much more water drinking this than regular water, so I consider this a win.

4. Host a Party - done! - We had some people over for New Year's Eve.  Do you think I managed to get a group photo?  No.  Of course not, but I did get a picture of some snacks that no one ate.

February Goals 3 thegreatgoodness.com

5. Organize the Garage Space - This was one of my goals?!

6. Post One Blog Per Week - Done in January.  I also updated the header and side bar.  It feels a little more fresh over here on the Great Goodness.

7. Prep our Guest Room for our New House Mate, Tanner! - Taylor's brother, Tanner, moved in the last week of January to live with us for a few months before starting his new job this Summer. We knocked this one out. I think this became our focus, so we forgot about the garage.  I plan to post a blog on the before and after.

8. Stretch Every Night Before Bed - This happened like 10 % of nights.  I need to find a better time to make this happen.

Other highlights this month included:

Meeting up with my sister, Noelle, and nephew, Haddon at The Magnolia Market.

febrary goals 6 thegreatgoodness.com

Contributing to Noelle's awesome blog, Manuevering the Middle, on her new series Teachers Around the Globe.

Celebrating Taylor's birthday by going to Uchiko and Contigo (in the same night) which I didn't get a single picture of, but I did get a picture of him wearing his new birthday present.  It is a fancy work apron.

february goals 7 thegreatgoodness.com
february goals 8 thegreatgoodness.com

February Goals

1.  February is going to be our month of financial fasting.  We set a budget on February 1st, and we are sticking to it.  No impromptu money spending.  There is nothing we need this month.  We also finally set up automatic drafts for all of our bills and tithing.

2.  Plan and organize our New Orleans trip in March (woohoo!).  We have our hotel and flights booked.  Now we can plan the fun parts!

3. Blog weekly. 

4. Go on walks with Taylor everyday as a way for us to talk without any distractions and get a little exercise. And find a better time of day to stretch.

5. Create a few tutorials based on the Baby Shower I am hosting in April.

6. Read two books.  Any book recommendations out there?

7. Finish watching Survivor.  I am seriously hooked.  For all of the people out there who stopped watching back in Season 2, I encouraged you to jump on Hulu and start watching.  They have introduced some amazing twists.  Has anyone ever applied to be on the show?

Thanks for reading, friends!