Roundup: DIY Leather Projects

Taylor and my third anniversary is June 8th.  Leave it up to Taylor and myself to come up with a way to make our anniversary into a glorified craft project.  The present for year 3 is supposed to be leather, which gave us an excuse to start a project that we saw on A Beautiful Mess a couple of weeks ago.    

We already had the hairpin legs from a project fail about a year ago, so we only needed to purchase the leather.  Hello, leather is not cheap!  But hey, it is our anniversary!  We followed the directions almost exactly, but added corner pieces so there would be less wood sneaking its way through.

Anyway, now we have all of this leftover leather. Yasss!  This now gives me permission to create tons of little crafts involving my favorite material of all time.  Here are some of my faves.

Keychains by A Beautiful Mess

Hanging Planters by Vintage Revivals



Leather Pulls by House Tweaking

Leather Blanket Ladder

Leather Mail Catch All by Design Sponge

I am actually going to get started on this letter catch all after I post.  If there is one thing I need, it is a place to put mail that isn't the kitchen counter or dining room table.  Which ones are your favorite?