Goodbye, House!

Oh, hi!

Please excuse the break from blogging.  I was doing a bunch of other jobs: working for my sister, taking on an additional role at my school, and taking a pretty intensive class at The Austin Stone. 

Now that I am back, I have big news!  We sold our last home, and bought a new house! Before I show you pictures of our new home, I am going to share the last pictures I had of our first little home.  Our Parrish home was a great starter place; it boasted natural light and window seats. We didn't have to do much work (except paint all trim/doors/walls/ceilings) to make it our own.

Our move in the Austin market was a gift from Jesus.  We were able to buy and sell a home in one fairly simple (but mind boggling) way.  Anyone who has had to make a contingency offer on a house knows that you get rejected a lot.   I can't wait to show you the new place.

Photos (except for the last one) by Katie Webb.

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