Our Wedding: Decorations and Details

Taylor and I married in the summer of 2013. 

It was the best day. 

Last week, I went to friends' wedding, and I started to feel all of those wedding feelings that encouraged me to bust out my wedding album and relive a day I wish I could literally relive.  (Like if I had three wishes, I wish I could wake up again on that day and do it again the exact same way, but only if I had three wishes because... priorities)  What I find hard to believe is how much money we (and my parents) spent on a photographer and how little I see/look at those pictures.  We made a book using Artifact Uprising, and I printed a handful that live on my desk in my classroom, the fridge, and one frame in the living room.  I am disappointed that I don't admire the beautiful work of Clayton Austin more.  But it can feel a little... I don't know ... conceited.. to have all these frames photos of yourself all over your house.  So I am going to be less conceited and put them all over the internet for everyone to admire.

Wedding Signs and Decorations | thegreatgoodness.com
Fort Worth Wedding The Rose Chapel | thegreatgoodness.com

We got married on a cool (for Texas) summer evening in Fort Worth at a small venue called The Rose Chapel.  The building was super old and boasted a lush garden.

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The Rose Chapel Garden  | thegreatgoodness.com
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Note in a Bottle | Sending Your Bride/Groom a Letter Before the Wedding | thegreatgoodness.com

Before our ceremony, Taylor had sent me a message in a bottle.  Inside was the very best note and a wooden heart that he had whittled.

Wedding Rings | thegreatgoodness.com
Dried Wedding Bouquets | thegreatgoodness.com

My bouquet came from this Etsy store.  It still lives (at my parents' house).  The handle is made out of birch and the flowers came dried which is why it will last forever.

Wedding Invitation | thegreatgoodness.com

My dear Aunt Sally has made a garter for all of her nieces.  It is beautiful and the picture doesn't do all the details justice.  I made the invitation by knocking off something I saw online.  I forgot to bring the envelope and all the paper goods that were included.  I guess I could print them again and try to photograph them, but I am exhausted just by thinking about it.

Centerpieces | thegreatgoodness.com

The painted candlesticks were an idea I stole from my bridesmaid, Mel's, wedding.  My center pieces needed one more thing, so when I saw those at her wedding, it was over.  They weren't lit because of fussy rules at our venue, but they sure looked neat.  Our table numbers got a second life after my wedding, at my bridesmaid, Mary's, wedding.  I am telling you, recycling wedding items is a lost art.  Taylor and I found these wooden disks while we were walking our dog.  We walked through this field and came upon hundreds of them.  We realized that the field is seasonally home to a Christmas tree farm.  Taylor wood burned and I painted them.  My bridesmaids and I arranged all of the flowers too.

Bouquet | thegreatgoodness.com
DIY Cake Toppier and Dessert Bar | thegreatgoodness.com

During set up, my bridesmaids, my mom, my sister, my sister's mother in law, my future mother in law, my future sister in law (seriously, I had an army) and I were putting everything together.  Everything in this wedding was hand done, so I came with my hot glue gun and assortment of other tools. I wore a fanny pack during set up.  However, as prepared as I was, I felt overwhelmed with the onslaught of questions directed towards me.  This was my wedding, and I was the lady with the plan, so of course, my kind and generous friends wanted my feedback.  Regardless, I was like "why can't everyone just read my mind?"  Anyway, during set up a bulb on the string of lights broke.  Rather than telling me (and further stressing me out), my bridesmaid, Alexandria, drove to Target and bought another package and replaced it.  I had no idea that it had happened, much less that she had left, and took care of everything.  Thanks, Alexandria!

Decorations for Indoor Wedding The Rose Chapel | thegreatgoodness.com

When I decided to have the oh-so-trendy giant balloons at my wedding, I failed to think about how balloons pop and how they float away without proper weight attached to them.  I promise I thought through most non-balloon related stuff.  Around 4 popped in transit, and then I realized I didn't have any weights.  My bridesmaid, Jeleah, went to the parking lot, found some bricks, threw them on the ground so they would break, and then tied some extra fabric around them.  I mean this is why you have friends that are smarter than you.

DIY Dessert Table | thegreatgoodness.com

In lieu of cake, my family and friends provided cookies, tiny pies, and ice cream sandwiches.  My biggest wedding regret was not eating an ice cream sandwich.

Watercolor Handdrawn Placecards | thegreatgoodness.com

We had a long engagement, so I was just filling that time with any small and inexpensive project I could think of.  Cue tiny place cards with peoples' faces on them!

Small Details | thegreatgoodness.com

I am grateful for all of the people who made all these little projects so memorable and worthwhile.  The couple that counseled us helped create those tiny little diamond cubies that hung from the balloons.  My roommates helped me collect paint stir sticks.  My mom and I hand painted all of the candle sticks and wooden pieces.  My friend, Micah, helped me make the decorative yarn garland.  It was such a group effort. Thank you to my family and friends for making my vision come to life!

Ceremony and Portraits Coming Soon

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